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Problem with automation server

I have an Out of process server which exposes 2 interfaces.
A client accesses to both interfaces and freezes after a while.

The problem occurs only when the client calls *both* interfaces methods in a
and calls Application->ProcessMessages() inisde the loop.

If i try to do the same from a VB Client, i get the following error message
(sorry, translated from French) :
"Action cannot be executed, because the MyServer component
does not answer. etc..."

The server seems to continue working perfectly...

Can anybody help me ?




Re:Problem with automation server

Hallo Michel,
why do you use the ProcessMessages()- method from
the Application-object? It is very dangerous, because
Windows leave the current task and return without your
control. Maybe your local variables (not static ore private/public) are
If you want to make multitasking, use the Thread-Object from
Borland, its very fine.

Jasper Friese

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