Help needed - Converting Delphi components to c++ builder 3

"Kent Reisdorph (TeamB)" wrote:
> >>I've found some Delphi components that I would like to try out. What do
> I need to do to install them into the component pallette in C++ builder?

> If you have the source you can just add it to a package. BCB provides the
> DCLUSR30.BPK package for this purpose. Choose Component | Install Component
> from the main menu.

> >>Once this is achieved, is the code simular/same to c++builder
> components. I.E. will I learn alot  about components in c++ builderby
> studying the source? Or should I concentrate on Cbuilder components
> only.

> You will learn a lot about components by studying the source, whether the
> source be Pascal or C++. However, I would caution that some freeware
> components are not necessarily good examples of component design. It just
> depends on the component.

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> Kent (TeamB and TurboPower Software)
> C++Builder Developer's Journal -

Thank-you Kent!
Your help has cleared up my confusion nicely.