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BCB crashes


since about two weeks my BCB crashes very often when i try to compile my
project. it doens' matter wich project i want to compile. if it chrashes, it
crashes after linking, short befor i can see the app.
the error:
Access violation at address 40003C66 in module 'Vcl50.bpl'. Read of address
After that error-msg i have to reset the de{*word*81} doesn't reset
immediately , i have to wait for the timeout msg and click abort. after
that, i can't recompile my project again before i didn't restart my BCB.
does anyone have someexpirence with such an error?
thanx for help!
I'm using BCB5 Pro with Update Pack 1 installed.

=:= roN =:=


Re:BCB crashes

Have you installed any new components recently?


roN wrote:


Re:BCB crashes

"Alex Bakaev [TeamB]" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

> Have you installed any new components recently?

no i didn't


> .a

> roN wrote:
> [snip]

=:= roN =:=

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