screwy Icons.

I have had this exact same problem under Windows98 SE when I
installed Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5.  All my icons (especially
those on my tool bar next to the "Start" button) go screwy.

I suspect (but am not sure) that Internet Explorer screws up
either some system files or affects the video drivers.  After
uninstalling IE 5.5 and going back to the original; version
IE 5.0, the problem disappears.

I've had this problem on several different PCs.  What version
of Windows and Internet explorer do you have?



I am also experiencing problems with posting responses to this
news group.  I can post a stand alone message without problems,
but when I try and respond to a previously posted message,
it just doesn't work.  I have sent a message to but I have had no response.  Can anyone
tell me how to fix the problem?