Install Shield Express Question -- Missing Mem Mgr DLLs

I've generated a simple project to test using InstallShield for Borland C++ Builder Version 5.0 with upgrades.  It will eventually be used with a "real" application.

The problem is that after selecting the "Install Shield Objects"/"General"/"Standard VCL Packages" plus nearly everything else installed with my Pro version, the resulting "installed" application is still missing DLLs like "BorlndMM.DLL" and "CC3250.DLL" (Borland Memory Management code).  I've had to manually add these with "Specify Components and Files"/"Groups"/"System Files" using the "Insert Files" button.  Is there something I'm missing that would have caused these DLLs to be included automatically, or is this an oversight in the InstallShield Express facility?

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.