Cannot create package statically linked to WinInet.lib

OK, I have my own partial answer now, although I'm not 100% happy with

Given that WinInet links fine for our executables, the only problem is
the design time package.  So we copied WinInet.lib into the source
folder for our package, renamed it to WinInet_VCL_HACK.lib, and link to
that instead.  Everything seems to work fine.

I am still uncomfortable with the idea that there are standard API
libraries I cannot link to in BCB though.  I'll try to write this up in
QC tonight

Team Thai Kingdom

I previously wrote:
> Is it possible to create a design-time package [we don't use run-time
> packages] that 'statically' links to the WinInet import library?  If so,
> how would I do this?