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DCOM Automation Server on multiple servers

    How do I register and simulataneously connect to multiple instances
of an automation server, each running on a different host computer?

    IOW ... I have an audio recording server running on PCa, PCb, and
PCc.  I want to control all three from a client app running on PC1.  I
noted during some of my reading on DCOM that the registry entry includes
location information.  How do I specify the multiple locations at which
the automation server is available and then be able to dynamically
choose at runtime?




Re:DCOM Automation Server on multiple servers

Take a look at the  
static HRESULT CreateRemote(LPCWSTR machineName, REFCLSID rclsid, REFIID
riid, INTF **ppv)

function of CoClassCreator class.


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