SAPI 5.1 with Builder 6

I've got a problem concerning usage of the MS Speech SDK 5.1 under
Borland Builder 6.0.
I've imported the sapi.dll using Project->Import Type Library with
Generate Component Wrapper option and now I'm trying to execute the
following code:

void __fastcall TForm1::FormCreate(TObject *Sender)
  Variant grammarId(int(0));

  SpSharedRecoContext1->set_EventInterests( SREAllEvents );
  SRGrammar = SpSharedRecoContext1->CreateGrammar( grammarId );
  SRGrammar->CmdLoadFromFile( (wchar_t *)"dckl_grm.xml", SLODynamic );
  SRGrammar->CmdSetRuleIdState( 0, SGDSActive );


where SRGrammar is defined in the header file as:
ISpeechRecoGrammarPtr SRGrammar;

The mic. should be silen after this initialization but it isn't !
I think that the above definition (SRGrammar) is wrong, but I don't
know what else I could write there instead ! (I tried
"ISpeechRecoGrammar SRGrammar;" but the compilator says, that the
class is abstarct etc.)

It's an urgent call, please help !
Thanks in advance...