COM, ActiveX, OLE & Sub Work

Hi.  I am using Borland C++ Builder 6 and need to use OLE automation to
open an Adobe Acrobat document in my own window, modify it (I'm adding a
digital signature to it), refresh it, then save it.  I realize this
message is a little long-winded but I wanted to detail the many
approaches I've already tried to overcome this issue...

I have spent many, MANY hours reading Adobe's documentation and
searching newsgroups and websites, but every single approach has run
into some wall.  FYI, I'd like to implement their OpenInWindowEx method
(and later their DrawEx method).

I imported Adobe's Type Library following the steps in the manual, and
no matter what I do, it won't add a generated component wrapper to the
specified component palette...

I tried using Borland's OLEContainer, but 1) the "Insert Object..."
option will not pull up the dialog (it does nothing - even in BCB 5!),
and 2) Adobe won't do in-place activation so it shows up in it's own
window - which isn't such a bad thing except that I can't seem to force
it to redraw and close it through code (so it's the same as just running

I tried to get Adobe's Visual C++ example (ActiveView) to compile with
BCB so I can try their approach, but can't get over a ton of 'Unresolved
external' linker errors (I did get over a ton of compilation errors)...

I'm thinking that at this point, the best option would be to use
CreateObject, OlePropertySet, OleFunction, etc. calls (assuming I can
call their OpenInWindowEx method with them, for example), but I am
getting 'Unresolved external' errors for "__stdcall
System::Variant::OlePropertySet(..." and "__stdcall
System::Variant::OleFunction(...", etc...

I would like to know:

1) Why I am getting these OLE linker errors when everyone else seems to
use these calls just fine (very frustrating!).  I reloaded my new BCB 6,
just in case a package was missing or something, but no luck.

2) What libraries should be included (and where) to get the Adobe sample
with MFC code to compile correctly in BCB?

3) Most importantly, would any experienced BCB developers with ActiveX,
OLE and socket experience be interested in making some extra money doing
some small projects on the side?  I am mainly a UNIX C developer and am
looking to sub out some of this work to optimize my time a little better.

Thanks for any help you can provide.