Resource Type Mismatch


I have a BPL that doesn't use RTL. In here is a class that allocates
memory with new char[size] in the constructor. The destructor free's
it with delete [].

My app uses RTL and Packages.
In my app I create an instance of this class and deletes this. At this
point CodeGuard gives two messages Resource Type Mismatch. As soon as
I turn Packages off, the errors disappears.

code snippet:

class TBPLClass
    char* Buffer;
    __fastcall TBPLClass(){Buffer=new char[1000];}
    __fastcall ~TBPLClass(){delete [] Buffer;}


TBPLClass* bplclass=new TBPLClass();
delete bplclass;
/* with two resource type mismatched */

Maybe someone can show me some inside information what exactly is
going on with this resource stuff. Maybe things work better for me if
I put the constructor/destructor in the cpp file rather than the
header file? Why do I get (two) resource type mismatches as both new
and corresponding delete are in the same file (and, as I assume, in
the same package/resource)?