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De{*word*81} stepping backwards


I have the following code:

void __fastcall TfrmConvert::LoadScriptFile( void )
Line1>  String FileNameList = ScriptFileName;  // can be comma delimited
list of filenames
Line2>  AnsiString FileName;

Line3>  Script = new TSQLStatementList();
Line4>  Script->SetSybaseTranslation( SybaseTranslationOn );

When I try to debug this code, the de{*word*81} will step from line 1 to 2 then
back to 1 then down to line 3 then back to line 2 etc...

What could cause the de{*word*81} to do this.



Re:De{*word*81} stepping backwards

"Dan" <> wrote in message



> What could cause the de{*word*81} to do this.

If you have any optimizing turned on in the compiler settings, then this
will cause the de{*word*81} to jump around.  If you look at the CPU view, you
will see this.


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