Code signing and ActiveX

I've been playing with creating Active Forms, and as part of my fun obtained
a Class 2 certificate from Verisign. (What's $19.95 when you are having

After changing the web deployment options to allow for code
signing...including pointing to mycredentials.spc and myprivatekey.pvk...I
recompiled and deployed the cabs. After the few seconds wait for .cab
compression, the status dialog box says C++Builder3 is signing the code.

Internet Explorer says that my code contains no certificate. CHKTRUST.EXE
says my code is unsigned.

I can use Microsoft's SignCode utility with the same files and all works
well, but I do enough command-line typing in Linux (gotta get that Xserver
compiled one of these days) to keep my fingers well exercised.


T. G. Frerichs