Exclusive Full Screen Mode Live Video Rendering - Directx8

I'm trying to render a video input from a capture card to a full screenusing
an overlay surface.
As advised by microsoft's Directx8/DirectShow, I'm using the
IDDrawExclModeVideo Interface, Retrieved from an Overlay Mixer Filter.
I build the graph, the capture graph, render, retrive IMediaControl
interface and then use it to Run().
Everything seems to be OK, except the video won't show........

I'm using Windows Me, Matrox G450 Millenium Graphics Card, and a Snazzi
Capture device,
Capturing MPG1 Video.

Does anybody have any experience using IDDrawExclModeVideo?
Or maybe you know a better way of getting live video to an overly surface?

any help will be appreciated...
Meori Oransky