Rogue Wave Std Lib

Hi there,

if I include <string> ( which comes with Rouge Waves Std Lib ) in two
different .cpp files, which belong
to one project, the linker warns:

Linker: public symbol 'std::operator>>(istream&, std::basic_string<char,
std::string ... defined in both module moduleA.obj and moduleB.obj

Ive found that Rouge Wave includes *source* code for both, operator >>
and aoperator << for string<T> class in its header file...

Because string<T> is implemented as a template class, the compiler
creates  code for each new class I declare with the template. So, if I
include the  same string-template e.g. string<int> in two modules, the
code for string<int> is included twice, and the linker warns....

Has anybody a solution for that problem ?

Help is welcome.