Project Options Saving

I develop my C++ Builder 3 application between two machines, work and
home.  In doing so I copy and load my project directory via a zip
drive.  When I change directories/conditionals options on one machine,
the change does not copy with the project.  This is also true with
version information.

How can I make Project Option changes of any sort and have it carried
with my project?  Sounds intuitive.

Additionally, I'm am having inconsistencies with the environment
options.  The two machines have different display resolutions so the
various windows are optimized within the given display.  When going from
the large to small display platform, upon opening Builder the windows
restore to the size set on the large display platform.  When I close the
project and reopen it the windows restore to the small display platform
settings.  I have no control.

How can I control the Environment Options used?

Help is greatly appreciated

Gary Sikora