Important - Need help - Resource Leak Making progress impossible

For some reason, CPPBuilder requires that you setmapmode, setwindowextex,
setwindoworgex, setviewportorgex, and setviewportextex before and after (so
it restores the original) every drawing command in order for it to work
correctly  without resource leaks (The drawing routines are done outside
onpaint, maybe thats  the reason this HAS to be done?).  This works with
everything except canvas.textout and windows :textout- which both still
causes a major resource leak.

When this line is in:
There is a major resource leak - simply repacing it with this line:
             pCurrentImage->Rectangle (fMyX,fMyY,fMyX+200,fMyY+200);
(as a test) and there is NO resource leak.

Before and after each line above is a call to a routine that sets the
mapmode, window, and viewport as described above.

Can anyone shed any light on this?