- SecureCode Protection - New Protection Type !

Hi Programmer,

If you want to test SecureCode Protection (Release Candidate 1) and tell me
what do you think ?, thank you

1.What is SecureCode Protection ?

SecureCode is a new software protection designed to provide a high level
of security from illegal copying, and confidence that people can only run
software on your terms. The security is internal to your software.

You can use SecureCode in additionnal with your current protection, it's
compatible with any packers UPX, AsPack.

You have heard perhaps several times by many programmers that the best
protection is freeware mode...

With SecureCode you can select any parts of your source code to secure
and you add a strong security at your investment.

Even if a cracker can broke your protection scheme (trial date, days
expiration, for example) it's not fully version, because  the main fonctions
protected by SecureCode.

The code protected cannot be reversed because it's encrypted, it's
impossible for
dumper, de{*word*81}, or other tools to read because it's  not a machine

SecureCode is different approach protection than other current PE
Encryptors software, because SecureCode don't include a key
at runtime.

With SecureCode you are protected again patch, debugging or other tracer.

for Download go to : http://antidebug.ifrance.com

 Bruno Branciforti (Delphi Security)