NT Service with COM interfaces

Greetings all,

What steps are needed to correctly create an NT service that exposes
multiple COM interfaces (one to handle requests, one for
administration, etc.)? I am using C++ Builder 4, with both patches,
and the services patch.
Currently, any service I've built using the File|New|Service
Application will run perfectly well as a service. I've added two
Automation Objects, one for each interface I want. I implemented both
interfaces, and built everything.

Any attempts to use either COM interface is spawning a second instance
of the service. I then see a dialog from the COM library manager, and
clearing the dialog causes the users of either interface to start
failing. (I would be more precise, but the program is at work. I don't
have Usenet access at work, or I would have posted from there.)

Are there obvious items that need to be done to make this scenario
work? Less than obvious? Does version 5 handle services with COM

Thank you,

Christopher Royal
Greatland/Nelco, Inc.