Importing an Interface


I am trying to write a COM object which implements certain predefined
interfaces (defined in ($BCB)\include\idl\mmc.idl).

What I've done so far is to create a new Activex Lib, Add a Type Library and
add a new coClass to the type library

What I would ideally like to do is to go to the implements tab for the
coClass and specify which interfaces it implements, but I only see the
standard interfaces. I can't seem to do this via the add new ComObject route

I can't add the mmc type library via the uses tab as it doesn't exist -
can't create it with midl either because the idl file doesn't have a library
section. I've tried putting in import "mmc.idl" in the text view but the
interfaces don't appear and the line gets deleted anyway.

I could hand edit the class definitions but it would save so much time if I
could somehow get it into my project's class library as simply refreshing
the implementation would then do everything bar the detail for me (I have
quite a few interfaces to implement).

Any help would be appreciated.