Putting Resources in a dll/exe ?

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999 12:41:54 +0530, Roshan <roshan_n...@usa.net> wrote:
>How to put resouces ,like say a AVI file or WAV file etc, in to my
>executable or Dll ?
>Looks like the IDE doesn't support this as yet directly as in VC++.
>I think they will do i it in BCB4 but till then is there any way to do
>this ?

The standard Windows way to do this is via a Resource Script (.RC) file. I've
never tried to use one of these with BCB, but you'll find all the information
you need to create one in the Win32 help file (look up User Defined Resources).
Once it's created, it _might_ be enough to add it to the project, or you might
have to put it through the resource compiler to create a .RES file first, and
add that.

Pete Barrett