IDE messing up relative paths in Project|Options

I remember a post or 2 relating to the replacement of absolute paths with
relative paths by the IDE in the Directories/Conditionals page of the
Project|Options.  This seems like something that should be an option, but
how to turn this replacement off is not documented (if, indeed, it is even
possible).  There was a post which suggested a workaround by replacing the
$(BCB) tokens in the makefile with absolute paths (I think).

I didn't worry too much about it, but now the IDE is screwing up the
relative paths in my library projects and it's REALLY annoying me.  I want
to place the final output file in the parent directory to the location of
the source files, so I either type it explicitly (C:\My
Documents\Projects\Library) or use the relative path indication (..\) in the
Directories/Conditionals.  I compile and no problem, that's where the .lib
file end up.

HOWEVER, when I close the project and later reopen it, the IDE has altered
the relative path to '..\..\..\'.  No wonder I've been losing library files
and finding them in various locations throughout my hard drive.

It's bad enough that the IDE insists on converting everything to relative
paths when I would much rather have them as absolute paths, but to then
{*word*222}up the relative paths is just too much.

Can anyone offer some insight as to why the IDE is doing this?  I don't
discount the possibility that I'm doing something to provoke it, but this
seems like a straightforward thing.

Could someone please post/repost any workarounds to turning the wretched
conversion off?

Thanks very much!!