which files are needed to install ActiveX control ?


our app is programmed in Access. I programmed an ActiveX control in
order to display some graphical data from within the ACCESS app.
(the ActiveX control is embedded in several access forms)

Everything worked ok on my development machine.
When trying to install the app on the client machine the ActiveX
control ceased to work (it appeared constantly blank)

I got it to work by copying _all_ files with the same prefix as the
ActiveX OCX file CIRC3.OCX  (I copied all files named circ3.* to the
SYSTEM directory of the target machine)

Then i re-registered the control with REGSVR32
So far so good, but when copying all CIRC3.* stuff I copy a lot of
unnecessary files around which occupy several megabytes !!!

Can anybody tell me which files are needed to install the control on a
cleint machine ???

Many thanks in advance

Cheers, Bernd

PS: i derived the CIRC3 source code from the CIRC3 example source code
(I did not change the name so far) shipped with the MSDN network CDs
CIRC3 is entirely programmed in Visual C using MFC classes.