VCLE40.LIB not found, aargh! (bcb4)


BCB4 is driving me crazy.. I create a new application, save it, and compile it. Error:
VCLE40.LIB not found.

If I search my computer for this file, I find it 2 times (in the c++builder Lib\Debug and
Lib\Release directories).

Here are some of my settings:

- Directory/Conditionals: (in Project Options):
    include path = $(BCB)\include;$(BCB)\include\vcl,
    lib path = $(BCB)\lib\obj;$(BCB)\lib;$(BCB)\lib\Debug;$(BCB)\lib\Release
    (I added the lib\Debug and lib\Release dirs myself, which didn't make a difference btw)
- Linker Settings: "Use dynamic RTL" and "use debug libraries" are both off.
- Packages: "build with runtime packages" is off.

Copying vcle40.lib to C:\ and adding C:\ to the lib path doesn't help (tried both versions; the
one from release and from debug). Wether my project is saved on the C: or D: drive (to prevent
builder changing "C:\" into something relative in the library path) also doesn't make a

Am I doing something wrong??

Any help is much appreciated,

(ps - I have both upgrade packs installed)