ANN: TMS IntraWeb Component Pack v1.3 release for IntraWeb 5

We're pleased to release today at the new version
of the
TMS IntraWeb Component Pack with now over 30 components for real RAD web
application development with  Delphi & C++Builder and IntraWeb 5 from

The TMS IntraWeb Component Pack v1.3 brings over 30 components boosting your
RAD productivity
with Delphi, C++Builder and the revolutionary IntraWeb 5 for Web application
development including :

- labels with easy design time HTML formatting capabilities, client side
date & time display
- various DB and non DB aware edit controls with client-side validation,
control, lookup
- DB and non DB aware calendar and datepicker control
- horizontal, vertical and static menu controls with easy design time
- hotspotimage for generating client side image maps
- various enhanced image controls with effects
- OutlookBar control
- scrolling text regions, ticker labels, collapsing text regions
- country combobox
- and more ...

You can find more details and trial downloads at

The TMS IntraWeb Component Pack requires AtoZedSoftware's IntraWeb 5
More info and a fully functional IntraWeb 5 trial version can be downloaded

Kind regards
Bruno Fierens
TMS software team
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