Pallet component icons problem

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That's an indication that your video driver has a bug.  This is a bug in
how the driver is handling the ImageList API.  When building an
imageList through the API, the driver starts the image in internal
memory.  When the list gets to a certain size it must switch to main
memory to finish building the ImageList.  This is when the freeze or pallet
corruption happens.  There is very little Borland can do as this is a driver
bug. This has traditionally hit the S3 drivers and Win98 the worst, but does
happen across other chipsets and other versions of Windows.  BCB4 Enterprise has
many more Images in ImageLists than BCB3 did which explains why you go over the
problem threshold with BCB4 but didn't with BCB3.

try these workarounds

1) Get the latest driver ( or your vendor if your vendors
doesn't work, try the S3 as they tend to be more compliant)
2) Start BCB with the -ns switch
3) Under the [display] section of the SYSTEM.INI file
add the following line
    BusThrottle=1 (reboot afterwards)
4) reduce the hardware acceleration for the card.
5) play with color depth/resolution  1024x768 in 16 bit color seems the
6) Get the latest DirectX drivers.

"Fran?ois RINGENBACH" wrote:

> Hi everybody,

> After installing BCB4 Enterprise on BCB3, icons on some of the pallet
> components seem either missing (standards ones) or not at their right
> location in the right folder !!

> Just for information, a change my computer wich is now a Compaq ARMADA 7800
> laptop with S3 Incorporated Display Driver (4 Mo RAM) set at res. of 1024 x
> 768 - 16 million colors)

> How can I solve this problem ?

> Thanks in advance for any help ....

> Just find attached screen copies of some symptomatic components folders
> icons ...

Jeff Overcash (TeamB)
      (Please do not email me directly unless  asked. Thank You)
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