Free TurboPower Utility for Converting BCB 3 Projects to BCB 4

If you're making the move from C++Builder 3 to C++Builder 4 you'll
definitely want our new TurboPower Project Converter by your side.

This important FREE utility takes the headaches out of upgrading to
C++Builder 4 by helping to convert your C++Builder 3 projects

What's It Do?
Borland C++Builder 4 introduced a new property for forms called
OldCreateOrder. This property has to do with the way creation and
destruction of a form is handled. OldCreateOrder should be set to false
for all C++Builder 4 projects.

When you open a C++Builder 3 project in C++Builder 4, the IDE will
convert the project to version 4 format. Unfortunately, the
OldCreateOrder property is set to true during this process. This can
lead to all sorts of problems including access violations in your

The TurboPower Project Converter modifies your form files and sets the
OldCreateOrder property to false. This allows you to fix all forms in
your project without the need to manually open each form and set its
OldCreateOrder property via the Object Inspector.

The Project Converter is particularly useful for projects that contain
a large number of forms.

You can download the Project Converter FREE from our web site now.
Just go to

The Project Converter is free. While we are not offering support for it
you can post comments or questions about it to the Non-Technical
newsgroups on our news server,

Kent (TeamB and TurboPower Software)