Delphi 2 C/S using BMPs in TDBImage Windows


   I own both Delphi 2.0 C/S and Delphi 3 Prof.  I started building a
project in Delphi 2.0 and will soon be converting this code over to be use
with Delphi 3, since I have found that I will not need to use the
Client/Server functionality.  This program that I am building will be ran
mostly from Win NT Systems on a WAN.  The users of this program will
only be viewing information, no updates

   The Database format that I am using is Paradox 7.0.  I am displaying
only 4 field of a fairly small database, only 400 records using the TDBGrid
Table.  I use two RadioButton Groups to set filters on the information
being displayed.  I hope that when the customer walks through the TDBgrid
Table one record at a time , that I can display a Black/White BMP image in
a TDBImage Window.  I have studied the FishFact demo found with the Delphi
2 package and have tried to duplicate what was done there.  I get an Error
that says that I am not using a Blob Field.

   The FishFact Demo has a field that has been declared Graphics, which is
suppose to be a Blob Field.  But when I declare my BMP field to be Graphics
and link my Form to this database through the DataSet function, it declares
the field to be a TGraphicsField, not a TBlobField.  I can clearly see how
the demo works correctly, but I don't know how they can have a field in
their database declared as Graphics and when the use the field editor to
set up the dataset, that this does not reset the persistent declaration in
the code to be TGraphicsField.  I have tried declaring this field to be
OLE, Blob and Graphics with no luck. I can put the images in the paradox
database by using Insert Object, or by copying from the Clipboard.  The
Delphi 2 program still gives me an error when I connect the Database using
Datasourse and making the link active.  As soon as I link the TBGImage
Window to the Graphics field of the Database, I get the Error, this field
in Not a Blob Field.

   Any thoughts where I, the newcomer to Delphi, am messing up?