Coolbar (Hide and show, does not show)

  Hello all;

   Using a TMenuItem on the TMainMenu,
I have the following code, in place with the MenuItem.checked := true; to
the CoolBar.Bands. Which works great when Hiding, the Coolbar.bands
Which in the code below, (for this paticular one) I am hiding 2
CoolBar.bands[3] & [4]
Which will Hide, But when I click to show the CoolBar.Bands. It will only
display the [4] and not the [3]
[3] = AddressBar
[4] = GoToPage Button (could not get the button on with the Addressbar

  Plus when I click to display it again, and it only brings the [4] up, it
does not
place it in the place that I have it set at design time?
   Plus if I only close out the other coolbar that I have set (not shown in
code below)
It makes the CoolBar.Bands [3] & [4] jump to the top?

  Anyone got any ideas, on how to display the [3] = AddressCombo. back
and how to keep the state that it was last in. Or the state that I set it
at, during design time??

procedure TMainForm.AddressBar1Click(Sender: TObject);
  AddressBar1.Checked := not AddressBar1.Checked;
  if AddressBar1.Checked then CoolBar1.Bands[3].Visible := True;
   if AddressBar1.Checked then CoolBar1.Bands[4].Visible := True
  else CoolBar1.Bands[3].Visible := False;
  CoolBar1.Bands[4].Visible := False;

  Thank you all


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