GIF, JPEG scanning service. FREE OFFER! A pictures worth a thousand words! (yfPHpD)

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Hello Friends,
     It's time to take full advantage of the online medium by having your
photographs scanned today!  Once your pictures are scanned into one of three
formats (GIF, JPEG, or BMP) you can do many exciting things with them.

     -You'll easily be able to attach them to emails and send them to people
your chatting with online.  No more having to try and explain what you look

     -You can also use your photos in all kinds of fun projects: build web
pages; design your own greeting cards; make personalized stationary,desktops,
and screen savers- the list is endless!

     - Scan pictures of yourself, your pet, your vacation, or whatever you

     {*word*104} Services will scan ANY photograph, drawing, magazine clipping, or
other artwork to an image file, and email or US mail it (on disk) back to you
within 24 hours of its receipt. (You must be able to receive file attachments
to get your file(s) via email. Check with your ISP if your not sure.)  PRIVACY
& CONFIDENTIALITY ARE ASSURED.  You'll also receive helpful technical tips on
everything from renaming your file to saving time when sending it to people
via email.

     We scan all our images in 16.7 million colors for best quality.  For just
$1 extra we can enlarge or crop your photo, blur out a body part, or ad text
(such as your name or email address).

     Best of all, as a FREE GIFT to you (limited time only), IF YOU CHOOSE TO,
we'll reserve you a FREE PAGE (or pages) in our "Internet Date-Site" (Now
under construction!!!).  This web site contains pages classified by local area
and {*word*225} preference.  There's also a {*word*115} image gallery (must be legal age
to enter), and a "special interests" section. That's right, you can have your
own page on the internet for just $4!  (Note: You're responsible for answering
your dog's email!)  Your free page(s) will include any or all of the
following: Your scanned photo(s) (You pick which ones- You can have some, none
or all of your photos posted on your page), your email address with an icon
visitors can click to send you mail, and a brief profile about you.  We'll
remove or modify your page, at your request, at anytime!  When the "Date-Site"
opens for business, you'll receive an email notifying you of the address of
your personal web page.  You can give the address to people and they can view
it from any internet
connection!  There are millions and millions of people on the internet.It's
time you start meeting them!  (This service won't be free for long so act

     If you have any questions regarding our services, please call us at

Ordering Information:

Price:    $4 for first scan, $3 for each additional scan
Extras:   $1 each to add personalized information. (name/email)
              $1 each to have image modified (enlarged, body part blurred,
etc.. )
              $2 to have image files mailed to you on a floppy disk (IBM or
              $1 credit card processing fee (Visa/Mastercard users only)

If you would like your photographs returned to you please include a self
addressed stamped envelope. Otherwise they will be destroyed.


Name (optional):

Email Address or Screen name (PRINT CLEARLY!  You must be able to receive file
attachments. Otherwise include $2 for shipment on floppy disk.):

Address (optional unless having shipped on disk):

Phone number (optional):

File type (GIF, JPEG, or BMP.  GIF recommended):

Extras (Exact personalized info you want printed on scan):

Disk Format (if having mailed on a floppy): IBM or MAC

Payment method (Cash, Check, Money Order, or Visa/Mastercard):
Please make checks payable to {*word*104} Services.

Credit Card # (credit card orders only):

Expiration date:
Don't forget to include the $1 processing fee if your paying with your credit

Do you want the FREE GIFT?     Yes   or     No   (circle one)
     -Web Page(s) in our "Internet Date-Site" (under construction).  You can
have a page for yourself, a page for your car, and a page for your cat!  Be
sure to indicate where you want your page (F4M, M4F, F4F, F4M, or Couples) and
which of the following info you want on your page (print clearly): State and
Town,  email address, year or birth, physical description, quote/message
(under 30 words please).    Please indicate which photos you want on your page
(if any) if you don't want them all to be displayed. If your want your
{*word*198}/{*word*115} photos displayed in our {*word*115} image gallery YOU MUST include a
signed statement that your are over 18 years of age or older and give us
consent to display your {*word*198}/{*word*115} photo, and  be sure to tell us if your
want it displayed with your info or anonymously.

Mail the above information and photos with payment to:

{*word*104} Services
2852 Willamette St. #131
Department 1
Eugene, OR 97405

Orders sent overnight will be given first priority.

{*word*115}/{*word*198} photo's will be accepted providing everyone in them is of legal

Questions?  Call (541)744-5718

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think could use it.

Thank You!