duplicate record displayed on dbgrid

>What LANGUAGE DRIVER you have set in BDE cfg. A testcase would help to
>narrow down your problem. dbgrid might show duplicates  if your language
>driver sort order doesn't match with the sort order on the server. Not a BDE

I have the same problem when the grid is scrolled to the end of the file.I am
trying many LANGUAGE DRIVERS and nothing. The Interbase database was created
with the WIN1252 character set.

There is another case that duplicate records appears: when a new record is
inserted in the dDBGrid, it is duplicated. One of the copies cannot be edited
(the message "Couldn't perform the edit because another user changed the
record"  is shown). When the other copy is edited and saved, the fake copy
disappear. It seems to be related with the trigger used for generate the
unique ID. When this trigger is inactive, the insertion goes fine.

Thanks for any reply.

Edurdo Pereira

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