Ports stuff

Blocking a port is simply a matter of not listening on it (not activating
the TServerSocket).

If you want to do a decision when some client connected whether you want it
there or not,
simply close the connection if the answer was "not".

A "password protected port", is not really correct semantics. If you want to
do a server
that has password protection, you may want to create a "protocol", in other
word, to establish
what the client and server shall say to each other after the connection has
been made.
In the protocol, you can of course add a password check, if the client is
not saying the right
thing, the server disconnect it.


(The client has connected)
C: the_password_is abcd1234
S: wrong_password
(The server disconnects)

Maybe/hope I was near what you wanted with this discussion

Best regards
/Anders Lindn

"Camille Eid" <butthead...@hotmail.com> wrote in message

> Hi,
> I have 2 questions:
> I am making an application for remote access and i want to do the
> 1-Block the ports?
> 2-Password secure the port that i use to get access?
> So how can i do these 2 things?
> thanx