One to Many Relationship Using Dbase Files

I have a working Non Network order entry program that runs on laptop PC in
windows95 it uses a Order Master To Order Detail Relation ship in Paradox
Tables but My Uses keep getting Corupt tables other than header errors. I
have rewriten the program many times and know that it is not caused by it.
I have desided that it is a problem is with Paradox Tables. So I am
rewriting the program to use DBase but I can not get a one to many
relationship I have tried the examples in the book with master slave tables
all it gives me is the first line of the slave table when used in a dbase
table. I tried using filters but if the Order number in the slave Table is
not all in one group it miss part of them. I have tried using
SetRange([OrderNo],[OrderNo]) on the slave Table but get only the first
line of the order and as I try to addline the vanish from the DBGrind but
remain in the table. I am using an index of the Order Number in both
tables. This is in Delphi3.
Steve Bossen