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SQL Server 2000 and BDE types

Hi All,

Am running Windows NT 4.0 Server (SP6.0a), SQL Server 2000, C Builder 4.0.
Which database type should I use when I create the BDE alias? MSSQL seems to
work except for some gibberish in the Application Name field with something
is connected through the alias. SQL Server does not work at all. Something
about an invalid configuration error when we try to signon.

Any help is appreciated!!

Bob Jackson
"It's better to have tried and failed, than failed to try."


Re:SQL Server 2000 and BDE types

Since the BDE SQL Server driver is based on Microsoft's DBLIB client library
and since Microsoft has decided not to update DBLIB to support any of the
new features of SQL Server 7 or 2000 you are going to have increasing
problems trying to use SQL Server via the BDE. The best thing to do is bite
the bullet and convert to ADO Express. Since Microsoft is intent on forcing
everyone to ADO it is not a question of if you will have to make the change
but only a question of when IMHO.


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