TMemo: 32k or 255k? and/or "BLOB has been modified"

     Two questions to the Delphi masses...

1)  In the Delphi help screens under TASKS for TMemo, it states that
the TMemo object can hold up to 255k.  When I try to load a file into
one, it fails at 32k.  So which is correct?  Or is it both and I am
missing the obvious?

2)  Every now and then, a BLOB record in one of my Paradox databases
comes up with "BLOB has been modified".  This then always happens with
this record until I delete it!  Any idea what that database wants?

                        Thanks very much,

                                       -James Van Vleet
                                            SEI Information Technology

BTW, if you can E-Mail that would be great.  I will check this group
often, but my newsfeed is not the most reliable.... :(