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Table Is Full Error

I have a table consisting of 9 fields:

    F1 = Ascii 10 digits
    F2 = Date
    F3 = Date
    F4 = Time
    F5 = Ascii 10 digits
    F6 = Time
    F7 = Numeric
    F8 = Ascii 1 digit
    F9 = Ascii 1 digit

The table has 137050 records in it.  When I tried to pack the table using
the restructure menu, I get the "Table Is Full" error.  What does it mean?
How can a table of 137050 records be full.  Need Help???

    Using Database Desktop version 7.0
    BDE version 5.10



Re:Table Is Full Error

What database are you using? If you are using Paradox tables they are
limited to 64k blocks. The default block size is 2k for a maximum table size
of 128 mb. To solve the problem increase the block size to 4, 8, 16 or 32 k.
Changing the block size for the Paradox driver in BDE Administrator will set
the minimum block size for new tables. There is a utility at that will change the block
size of an existing table.


Bill Todd (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)

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