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SQL - joining two tables


I am no SQL expert by any means and I have a requirement which I am unsure
whether it can be handled using SQL.

I basically need to create a statement which concatenates the contents of
two files, the Invoice and Receipts files.  Both have a key of 'Code'.  I
basically just want to append the two tables together, no joins!  Can the
UNION clause be used to do this?

I have tried:

select * from invoice.db union select * from receipt.db


select * from invoice.db union * from receipt.db

and the first comes up with 'Type mismatch' and the second with 'Invalid

Thanks in Advance



Re:SQL - joining two tables

Syntactically the first statement is correct.  Are you sure that both
tables have exactly the same structure?


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Re:SQL - joining two tables


>select * from invoice.db union select * from receipt.db

Should work if the structures of the two tables are the same and you
are using 32bit BDE

Brian Bushay (TeamB)

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