Testers required for TP program


Some time ago I wrote a program called DOSCPU which determines exactly
how fast your CPU is, allowing you to compare it with the performance of
other makes and speeds.

This program is now very out of date and I would like to update it to
"recognise" the typical performance speeds of much faster CPUs such as
the Intel P200 MMx and beyond.

This is where I need the assistance of as many people with different
machines as possible.  Could I urge readers to visit my web-site,
download DOSCPU from my PC (software) page and run it on their machines.
Then, could you e-mail me (to the ADDRESS BELOW) the figure obtained
for your processor, telling me what speed and make your CPU is  eg.
"Cyrix P200+ running at 166MHz gives figure of 0.022"

No matter what CPU you have I would be interested in your results.  I
have never tested an i80286 for instance!

Thanking you in advance,

Andrew Kressman
e-mail:  DosCpuResu...@SnowdonRailway.Force9.Co.Uk
URL:     www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/5974/

DOSCPU.ZIP direct: