Alias Path Problem using "DbiGetDatabaseDesc"

After correctly creating a MSACCESS type Alias using the BDE Administrator
(shipped with BDE 5) called "MsAccessTest" and setting up the parameters
that follow I have been having a problem using the BDE function

Database Name    : C:\Development\MDB\Accesstest.mdb
Langdriver              : Access General
Open Mode            : READ/WRITE
System Database : C:\WINDOWS\system.mdw

When I use the following Borland example, from the BDE help file, to
retrieve the description of the database from the configuration file, it
keeps telling me that there is no path/database name assigned to the Alias
(the szPhyName parameter) and returns that part of it blank.  However, when
I select the Alias on a TDatabase on a Form, and then set connected to true,
it connects alright, as if the component has worked out the alias'
path/database name.

procedure ShowDatabaseDesc(DBName: string);
  DescStr = 'Driver Name: %s'#13#10'AliasName: %s'#13#10 +
    'Text: %s'#13#10'Physical Name/Path: %s';
  dbDes: DBDesc;
  Check(DbiGetDatabaseDesc(PChar(DBName), @dbDes));
  with dbDes do
    ShowMessage(Format(DescStr, [szDbType, szName, szText, szPhyName]));

I want to be able to retrieve the path/database name of a MSACCESS Alias
from within the code preferably using BDE functions and so far I have been
unable to do this.  DbiGetDatabaseDesc works fine with dBASE and Paradox
tables but does not seem to work with Access.  Does anybody know of a way to
do this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

G. Lindsay.