Win95 as file server, NOOOOOO


I have a question about using paradox tables for a net app. The "net"
consists of he computers, connected over BNC (10BASE2, I think). There are
a win95 computer and a win311 computer. The protocol is NETBEUI. All works
fine, but after 2 days a table has been damaged. I couldt append new
records to the table. The error is "index error". There are no secondary
indexes, only the primary two an AUTOINC field.
After deleting an new creating the file all works fine (but how long).
This means the primary index was damaged (No way to do this with delphi or
paradox source code)

Name CHAR(30)

When the first computer appends a record, the other dont know about it and
cause the table to damage. My app also works at a novell (3.12) net with 20
clients without any error. The BDE TI says, that for peer-to-peer nets a
flag should be set in bdecfg. (on the system page -> LOCAL SHARE = TRUE).
When the flag is set, BDE looks itself if a table is changed and reload
table infos. I have set the flag, I could only open files on one computer.
When I try to open a file on the second computer the message 'multiple net
files' (don't know the correct english message) occurs. After setting the
flag two FALSE, the two computers could work with the files.

I remember that I have read about problems with win95 a server a month

Could anybody help me with this "little" error.

Thanks in advance.