MEMO-Problem moving back in TQuery

We have some problems concernig BDE and TQuery which occur when
scrolling from the end to the top.

To count the records we use use the Query.RecordCount.
To get RecordCount work properly, we first do the follwing steps:
  Query.Last; { move to the EOF to get necessary information for
                RecordCount }
  ...   { then start doing anything }
  When using memos you get a error message about "invalid blob handle..."
  at the query.First -statement.
  Moving back in a Query does not work with memos > 255
  We are using Delphi Client/Server and Oracle 7.0
  The memo was created as VARCHAR2(1000)
  With a memo of VARCHAR2(250) everything works fine.

Can anybody help?
Anybody from Borland listening?? Steve K.,Steve T., Chuck J. or any other  
fomous mail writer?  I Hope!!!
Thanks, Peter  ;-)
## CrossPoint v3.02 ##