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New Programming web page

Just want to announce my new programming web page.

It is under major construction right now so don't expect much yet but it
will soon have

- a couple tutorials for every language and game programming
- faq's for each language and game programming
- all the newsgroups for each language and game programming
- best book survey results in different categories for each language
- links to each language and game programming
- ratings of all links and tutorials from 1 to 5 stars
- more

the languages include:

Visual Basic

This site can be found at under

Like I said .. don't expect much because not all of the above is up yet.

If anyone would like to help me out with this web page (graphics,
reviews of sites, tutorials, and books or anything else!) then please
e-mail me at

If you want to comment on this web page (tell me if you like it or not
.. what am I missing .. etc) e-mail me also.

Thanks for reading,

check out my web site at


Re:New Programming web page

Anthony Kanner wrote:

> Just want to announce my new programming web page.
> - more
> C++
> Java/Javascript


Don't forget to put a link to our site (see below) for the best OO tools
for Java and C++ developers.

Chris Colman, Step Ahead Software,

Makers of Visual Classworks (C++), Javelin (visual OO in Java)
                and anFX: TV like ads on your web site.

email:                    Ph: from US 1-800 210 9427
web:   elsewhere +61 2 477 3398

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