Programming windows explorer to add a filter program that acts like a disk drive

lo' all Sorry about the posting from Deja-News but I'm at school and they
don't support newsgroups or e-mail yet.  If you post an answer to this
question can you also mail it to me at  Thanks now on
with the question. I want to use delphi (or C++ if it is not posible in
delphi) to create a program that acts like a disk drive.  What I mean by
that is I would like to be able to have a program that sits in My
Computers and can be accesed like any other disk drive.  This way it can
be accessed from any program's Common Dialogs such as the save as and
open dialogs.  I want to use it for cataloging purposes, where everything
that is saved to that drive is cataloged and time stamped and then sent
to the appropriet location.  Easy acces from the save as dialog box will
encourage it's use insted of having to open up another program to do such
things.  Any help would be great. John Palmieri

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