Fw: need immediate help compiling programs

I assume there should be a period after the last "end" as in :



> From: Joseph Chou <cl...@torfree.net>
> To: info-pas...@ARL.MIL
> Subject: need immediate help compiling programs
> Date: 29 November 1996 08:14

> Hi,

> I'm a beginner and I need help ...
> I need to compile this ~1000 line pascal program. I have only been able
> to get my hands on FPK pascal and when I tried to compile, it gives an
> error message saying "fatal error: unexpected end of file". I downloaded
> this program from a homepage of a computer science prof who published a
> paper on it so it must be correct ... what's going on??
> also helpful would be suggestions on other free pascal compilers that I
> should try ... either for MS-DOS or UNIX. (I've downloaded gnu pascal
> 2.6.3 but I don't know how to compile it ... :(

> thanks