URGENT!! Invisible Typist Testers, EXEC Error

       The Turbo Pascal manual says that the SwapVectors
function is _recommended_ before and after EXEC();

       I apologize, as I ignored the recommendation,
and used EXEC() to run DOS functions "TYPE" and "DIR".

       On the machine I program on (386, no windows),
I have never had a problem.   But on two test machines,
using the "Invisible Typist" DOS menu shell, doing a
CTRL-C to abort the "TYPE" file listing, causes DOS
and/or a combination of DOS and Windows, or other system
or resident programs, to create two files.
       I am very sorry this happens, and I will take
immediate steps to use "SwapVectors" with the "EXEC"
function from now on.

       Anyone having a copy of "Invisible Tyist"
should be aware of this, and if this problem occurs,
please erase all copies of the program.
       I will be glad to replace the program with
a corrected program if requested (and I will take
"recommendations" seriously from now on).
       I had no idea that files could be created
without a specific request, sorry, there is nothing
in the program itself that could account for files
being created, and I am fairly confident that this
is just a harmless effect.


Kenneth Edmund Fischer