Binary Search Tree help needed

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Acidhurl <> wrote:
>Here is my problem:

>Write a function to determine and return the height of a binary search
>tree.  The height of the tree T is defined recursively in terms of the
>levels of its nodes:
>if T is empty. then Height (T) = 0
>if T isnt empty then
>    Height(T) = 1 + max(Height(L) , Height(R))
>where L and R are the right and left children of T

What is your question? Do you really expect others to do your home

The problem is very simple. The coding is basically directly the same as
the definition above. Here is a skeleton:

Function height(p:pnode):integer;
  if <tree is empty> then Height:=nil
  else begin
    <get the heights of the subtrees recursively>
    <choose larger one>
    <return the value +1 >