Error 100 : Disk read error (Run-Time)

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<> wrote:
>I am doing my project with Record and having alot of input which I store it
>in external file (Assign). When I reset to read this file and display it in
>the output screen, I always get the Error 100 : Disk read error Problem. Can
>somebody tell me what happen and how to overcome this error?.....

You have multi-posted this to c.l.p.b and c.l.p.m (at least).  If a
question is truly appropriate to more than one newsgroup, then it should
be cross-posted, not multi-posted.

Your question is clearly compiler-dependent, and cannot be answered here
in c.l.p.misc without you telling us what you are using.

Clearly there is a mistake in your use of the language; all you need to
do is to find out what it is and put it right.

A good general approach is to reduce your program to the minimum
necessary to show the problem.  In the course of it, the answer may well
become obvious to you; and if it is, your reduced program should be
short enough to post in the correct newsgroup.

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