System images for TreeView/ListView in Windows 2000?

With the retail version of Windows 2000, all of my TreeView and ListView
images, generated from the system image list, do not appear in the lists.
This was also the case for beta w2k I believe. (Brad Choate's
SystemImageList also does not work.) Here is the code I have used for a long
time under Windows 9x...

  SystemImages: TImageList;

SystemImages := TImageList.CreateSize(16, 16);
with SystemImages do begin
  Name := 'SystemImages';
  DrawingStyle := dsTransparent;
  ShareImages := True;
  Handle := ShGetFileInfo('*.*', 0, SHFileInfo, SizeOf(SHFileInfo),

Is anyone else having this problem? I have been doing this in Win95 for
years. Does anyone know if there is anything we Delphians can do to correct
this in Windows 2000? Or does anyone know a different way to get the system
images in Windows 2000? Thanks.

I have a small sample program with source I can send if it would help. Just
say the word.

Skip Bremer --