Delphi can't locate my SCHEMA files

I added a text import routine to a database app I did to be able
to import files from an AS/400 system to a paradox table on a portable
computer. The program uses TBatchMove with a TTable of type ttASCII.
It worked great on my desktop but would always fail to import the
correct field definitions, using the very same SCHEMA files.

After countless bangings of my head to the wall I realized what was
The app on the portable resides in a directory called 'PentuV?litys',
ie the name contains a Scandinavic character. After changing this to
'PentuValitys' all the problems disappeared. What's funny is I could
even access the text tables in my program from the problem directory
and TBatchMove would copy all the records from them but the target
table would contain only one field called 'Field1'.

My conclusion is that for some reason the ASCII driver can't access
SCHEMA files if they reside in a directory named using foreign
characters. Is there a locale setting somewhere I've overlooked or is
this a bug?

I'm using Delphi 3.02 professional and BDE 4.51.