Label a BAR in a TChart stacked bar?

Label a BAR in a TChart stacked bar?

Is it possible to label the whole BAR in a TChart stacked bar and ALSO
have distinct labels for the segments in the bars?

(See illustration below.)

I've created a gorgeous-looking stacked bar chart using TChart (in Delphi
5 professional).  I have labels on every segment of each bar identifying
its value.  These labels are created when the data value is set, using

      MyChart.Series[0].AddY(value, IntToStr(value), clTeeColor);

BUT ...  TChart labels the BAR ITSELF with the SAME label used for the
base segment of each bar.  That is, if a bar has three segments, they each
have their own label, but then the label for the bottommost segment is
used to label the bar itself under the horizontal axis.

Is there any way to give the whole bar a label for labelling on the
horizontal axis?  It seems so basic, yet I don't see how this is
possible.  (You can label a SERIES, of course, but that's the set that
spans all of the bars, not a bar.)

Thanks for any help!

-- Kevin Killion

        |  123  |     ---------
        |       |     |   62  |
        ---------     ---------
        |   47  |     |  108  |
        ---------     |       |
        |   98  |     ---------
        |       |     |   45  |
        ---------     ---------

            98            45     <-- TChart labels the bar with the
                                     label from the last segment,
                                     and I can't see a way
                                     to set this label and still
                                     keep the segment label