PRESS RELEASE: Xceed Zip Compression Library released

XCEED is proud to announce the release of the Xceed Zip Compression
Library for Borland Delphi. It is a new data compression library from
Xceed that gives your applications the capability to create and
manipulate the latest industry standard Zip files, including those
made by PKZip 2.04g. It has over 35 functions. The Xceed Zip
Compression Library includes a 100% native VCL and online help that
fully integrate into the Delphi programming environment.

The Xceed Zip Compression Library, and a Free trial version are
available today. The Free trial version provides you with everything
you need to fully evaluate this product and to prepare your
applications to use standard Zip compression. You also get a charming
Zip file manager, with fully commented Delphi source code.

   The Free trial version can be found on the Internet or on
CompuServe.  On the Internet, it is available by FTP at On CompuServe, it can
be found in the Delphi, WinSDK and WinShare file libraries, under the
filename 'xceedzip.exe'.

Xceed Software Inc.
345A De Gentilly Est
Longueuil, Quebec
Canada   J4H 1Y7

Order line: (800) 865-2626
Tech. support: (514) 442-2626